Life on the Big Island of Hawaii

January 29, 2016

While people are arriving into the space I greet them. I have everyone begin in a comfortable seated posture and tell people to become aware of breath and the sensations in their body, as I become aware of my own.  

As we breathe together I remind the participants that this class is an opportunity to discover what movement feels good for their body.  

I encourage everyone to explore the subtle movement that feels good within each of the poses and to use any of the props to make themselves comfortable, also to feel free to come out of any pose early if they feel uncomfortable at any time. I believe that yoga is meant to feel good for our mental, physical, emotional well-being. It would be hard not to feel good as the soft breezes waft in, carrying the scent of both the Pacific Ocean and the fertile rainforest. During "corpse" pose at the end of class, each of us becomes deeply relaxed, hearing the soft sounds of our own heartbeats and breathing – along with the peaceful chirping of the island birds, insects, and frogs.

After class, I make my way home for some gardening.  I haul some mulch onto the existing garden beds of ti leaves and pineapples. Next, I harvest some bananas that have started to ripen to a cheerful shade of yellow.  

I head down to the beach to meet my friend for a swim. We chat for a while on the shore about our last time swimming with the dolphins, which was an amazing experience. I spot – from the corner of my eye – the tail of a humpback whale that has dove back into the abyss of the ocean.  We quickly grab our snorkels and fins and dive under the crashing waves.  

We swim out towards our favorite rock, which is shaped like a dragon’s head, hoping to intersect the whale's path. Once we reach the rock we swim further out into the deep blue where we can faintly make out the bottom.  

I dive down to get a better glimpse and hear the whale songs for the first time.  The first tones are a low, deep bass that I feel at the base of my spine and in my abdomen, my lower chakras (energy centers).  The next tones I hear are high pitches, which sound like playful kids that resonate at my heart center, third eye and crown chakra.  The next whale song sounds like the chanting of a Tibetan Buddhist monk, very deep and low, mixed with the sounds of the playful kids.  I feel so blessed and my being is filled with joy by their presence, even though I can’t see them I hear and feel them all around me. 

I feel I could stay in the ocean forever with the whales but I know its time to head back to shore. We thank the whales for blessing us with their presence and swim back to the beach.  We lay in the sun on the black sand beach for a few minutes drying off.  Then I drive home to spend time with my family and enjoy a lunch of soba noodles with fresh veggies. 

After a delicious meal I head back to Kalani for my afternoon massage appointments.  My first appointment is a Healing Dance session in the body-temperature watsu pool. I still feel the presence of the whales as I begin my session by cradling my client in my arms and listening to their breath.  We begin to move and dance around the pool to the rhythm of our shared breath in waves and spirals, lengthening and letting go.  We share a beautiful nurturing connection in the warm womb-like water.  At the end we share a moment of silent stillness before hugging goodbye. 

I transition back to land and set up for a Thai Massage on the floor of the massage room.  It is a beautiful blend of stretching, compression and point work on the sen lines (very similar to the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Massage completed, I grab my climbing gear out of my car and spot some coconuts up in the trees that are ready to be harvested.  I quickly change clothes, put on my harness and make my way to the top of the tree.  While I’m putting the rope around one of the racks of coconuts an I’o (Hawaiian hawk) lands a few feet from me on one of the palm fronds.  At first I was nervous, thinking that I may be close to its nest but just then it looked directly into my eyes and I felt a profound depth and peace.  Then he turned away and looked off into the distance and soared to the branch of an Ohia tree.  I feel thrilled and blessed to have been visited by one of my aumakua (guardian spirits).  
I begin my last massage session for the day – Hawaiian Lomi Lomi – by laying one hand on my client's sacrum and one on the crown of the head.  We take a few deep breaths together and feel our connection to Source.  

I set the intention of clearing away any physical, emotional and mental blockages so that we may be filled with love and light.  I then use a drop of a therapeutic essential oil – blend of frankincense, sandalwood, lavender and eucalyptus – in my hands and let them take a few deep breaths to help ground and calm their nervous system.  After some gentle warm-up rocking of the body, I use a organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil to rub their body with long fluid strokes using my hands and forearms. 

After the session I soak in the hot tub for a short time before showering off and heading home to spend time with my family.  

Before dinner, I play some baseball with my son and then we play some music together on ukulele and guitar.  

We sit down together and I enjoy a beautiful, nutritious organic meal lovingly prepared by my wife.  During the meal, we share the assorted joys and challenges of our day, then we all partake in a glass of freshly made kombucha.  

I spend some time gathering some new inspiring, tribal music to play for my next Dj set at Kalani’s Ecstatic dance.  

My wife and I listen to our son practice on his violin, piano, flute and ukulele.  Then Ariya ( our son) and I watch my wife Ayako as she practices her kahiko (ancient) hula before we all begin getting ready for bed.  

When we climb into bed we share some story-time with Little House in the Big Woods.  Our imaginations were full of magnificent images of life in the big woods! We wish each other sweet dreams and say goodnight.  

While I drift off to sleep my heart is filled with gratitude to share my life with these two beautiful souls and to live on this magical Big Island of Hawaii.