Aloha and welcome to my home page.  I provide massage services and private and group yoga sessions in Pahoa within the Puna district on the Big Island of Hawaii.  My signature massage is an intuitive blend of Thai, Hawaiian lomi lomi, Chinese acupressure, Swedish, and Reiki.  I also offer aquatic bodywork sessions in a warm water therapy pool.

I believe that all healing starts with the breath, which awakens the body, enabling it to absorb and utilize the energy it receives. Breath brings us to the present moment, where we are most receptive to the transformative power available to us.

I always begin each massage by listening to my intuition.  I allow the body to speak to me, informing what tools I should call into use for the body that I am working with. I absorb new techniques through experience, and enjoy finding new ways to integrate them into my practice. I believe in the healing power of prayer and intention, and strive to create a safe and encouraging space for people to relax, let go and heal.

I seek to find balance in my approach, working within the structure of massage, but navigating from the formless state of being.  I don’t try to understand the healing energy that is all around us, but rather allow space for it to flow freely through my clients and me.  Always giving gratitude for  the opportunity to share in this experience together.