Self-Care Lotus Retreat

Kalani Oceanside Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii

May 14th - 20th, 2018






“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”                                                     

Siddhārtha Gautama


Come join us to unwind the body, mind and soul and reconnect with your true nature.  In this retreat we will focus on SLOWING DOWN and LISTENING DEEPLY to our body wisdom.  We believe that our body has an amazing self-organizing system. If we really allow it to kick in, our body takes us on a healing journey as needed.  We will explore various practices with that view in the center of our approach and tuning to the subtle sensations will be an important key to get in touch with our inner guidance.  We will practice moving gently, taking plenty of time to feel, allow and explore.  Lets restore the trust in our own body and let our lotus flower of inner wisdom blossom! 


We will be sharing these various practices and more….

ŸIntuitive Yoga

ŸInner Wave Movement Meditation

ŸIntuitive Aquatic Movement Meditation

Nature Art and exploration

Dance journey


In this retreat we will focus on….


Ÿ  Cultivating and trusting our own innate wisdom and our brilliant mind-body self-organizing system.

Ÿ  Moving your body in ways that are deeply nourishing and pleasurable.

Ÿ  Tuning into your body sensations, impulses, feelings, inner rhythms and our needs in each moment.

Ÿ  Paying attention to what feels good for our body rather than what it looks like. 


Come awaken your inner bliss and experience the deep love within.    Kalani Retreats