Yoga and Meditation Classes



Intuitive Yoga 

Maxwell is the founder of Intuitive Yoga™, an innovative approach to yoga that moves beyond poses and into our own intuitive sense of what our body needs the most at any given moment. In an Intuitive Yoga™ class, you will discover a new aspect to your yoga practice that will be sure to enrich your life, whether you are a beginner or a long-time yoga practitioner.


Intuitive Aquatic Movement Meditation

Experience a body-temperature Watsu pool for this intuitive movement class. Using the water as support and resistance, gently explore movement that supports, heals, and strengthens the body. This is a slow moving meditative class where we focus on listening to the intuitive wisdom within and following positive sensations in our movement exploration. 

Inner Wave.jpg

Inner Wave Movement Meditation 

We will slow down our movement so that we can deeply listen to the internal rhythms of our body.  By tuning to the natural rhythm’s of our body we can unwind the layers of stress an tension we may have accumulated over time by not giving ourselves time to fully process our thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences. Slowing down we connect to our present moment experience by becoming aware of our breath and allow the body to unwind.  By slowing down and connecting with our inner experience we are able to cultivate a deeper self-awareness, which can help heal all aspects of our life.